$1,000 HD GOLF Simulator Team Challenge

Tee it up in the HD GOLF $1,000 Simulator Team Challenge for your shot at winning $1,000 cash.

Q1. How does it work?
A1. Simply tee it up at any of the qualifying sites before March 9 with the winning team at each location advancing to the final round on Sunday, March 23. Format is 2-Person Scramble playing 18 holes.

Q2. How much does it cost?
A2. There is no entry fee. Simply make a tee time, ask for a 1K Sim Challenge Scorecard when you check in, then pay the hourly simulator rates when you play your qualifying rounds. You may play as many qualifying rounds as desired to see how low you can go!

Q3. What is the Payout?
A3. First place team wins $1,000 cash. The final round will be played on Sunday, March 23 at the Life Time Golf Club in Minneapolis.

Q4. Which Course do we play for qualifying round?
A4. Each facility will choose the qualifying course. When you check in, ask for a 1K Sim Challenge Scorecard which will have the course to play and tees. Gimme distances are 6 feet for the 2 person Scramble format.

Q5. How Do I Book a Tee Time?
A5. Click on the facility where you would like to play to be taken to their website with info on how to book at their facility.


  • For local qualifiers, ask the manager any questions.

  • For the finals, contact Kevin Unterreiner at kevin@twincitiesgolf.com

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Qualifying Sites

Click on the location below to view address and contact info to book a tee time:


past winners of hd golf sim challenges

Congrats to those who have won past HD Golf Sim Challenges!