$1,000 Simulator Team Challenge

Tee it up in the $1,000 Simulator Team Challenge at Inside Edge Golf & Life Time Golf Club simulators!

Q1. How does it work?
A1. Step 1 is to CLICK HERE to register a team (free to register) or signup as a single and we’ll find you a playing partner. Then simply play as a 2-Person Team anytime between December 1st and December 31st. Format is 2-Person Scramble playing The Old Course at St. Andrews.

Q2. How much does it cost?
A2. No cost to register a team. When you play, it’s a discounted $15/hr per person rate (normally $20) for the simulator time (Classic or Full Swing sims…surcharge if playing on Curve/Surround/HD) with a portion of that revenue going towards the Prize Pool. $1,000 prize pool guaranteed.

Q3. What is the Payout?
A3. The total Prize Pool will be determined by the total number of rounds played with a guaranteed MINIMUM $1,000 in payouts.

Q4. Which Placements Win?
A4. The top 10 teams & teams that TIE for 50th at EACH location will advance to a in a Playoff in January (free for playoff rounds) playing one round at EACH location for a combined team score for 1st through 10th payouts. For top 10, payouts will be 1st Place = $250/team, 2nd Place = $150, 3rd Place = $100, 4th Place = $75, 5th = $75, 6th = $70, 7th = $70, 8th = $70, 9th = $70. Winning team of the 50th place playoff will get $200. Payouts as VISA gift cards.

Q5. How Do I Register a Team?
A5. CLICK HERE to register your team (it’s free).

Q6. How Do I Play?
A6. Simply book a tee time at Inside Edge Golf simulators (in Eden Prairie) or Life Time Golf Club (St. Louis Park). You may play as many qualifying rounds as you’d like. The more you play, the better your chances of advancing to the playoffs. Teams may play at both locations to improve chances of advancing. 10 teams from each location advance to playoffs. Play with the same or different partners each round. When you play, the discounted rate per person is $15/hr per person for the simulator time. 2 golfers can play 18 holes in 1.5 to 2 hours. Be sure to mention when you go into Life Time or Inside Edge that you are playing a $1,000 Simulator Team Challenge round so they can give you a scorecard and setup the round with the correct settings. Many teams will play multiple rounds in the same day (just ask for a new scorecard after each round) because 18 holes can be played in 90 minutes or less. Payment is by time so play as many rounds daily as you’d like. You may play immediately after REGISTERING your team.

Q7. Is this event in USGA compliance with amateur rules?
A7. Yes. All payouts are as VISA gift cards with none exceeding the maximum allowable gift card amount.

Q8. How does the Playoff work for the top 10 scoring teams?
A8. On January 1st, we’ll announce the top 10 who will be invited back in for a head-to-head playoff round (no charge for this round) against another top 10 team with one round played at EACH location for a 2 round combined team score. This playoff round (playing as foursomes for score verification) will determine 1st through 10th placements (and payouts). This playoff system protects scoring integrity and will create a dramatic finish for the contestants. Multiple day/time options each week through January will be offered for the Playoff round to assure everyone has a chance to play.

Q9. What Do I After I Register a Team?
A9. Step 1 is book a tee time at the simulator where you’d like to play. When you check in, ask the front desk staff for a $1,000 Sim Challenge Scorecard. The scorecard has the qualifying rounds settings (playing St Andrews from blue tees, novice pins, 6 foot gimmes). Once finished with your round, turn in your scorecard to the front desk and pay. The fee for Sim Challenge players is $15/hr per person (so $30/hr for the sim). A portion of each hour is used for the prize pool. Remind the IEG staff at checkout that you played a $1,000 Sim Challenge round so they can ring in the reduced hourly rate ($15/hr per person = $30/hr per stall).

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