“2-Hour Golf” – Play 18 Holes in 2 Hours

Would you play more rounds of golf (and enjoy it more) if you could play 18 holes in  2.5 hours or less?

Imagine you and a golfing buddy teeing off on an early Saturday morning at your favorite local public course, playing 18 holes without waiting on shots AND being back HOME less than 3 hours later…that is what happens with our new “2-Hour Golf” rounds.

How does it work?

  • Only one two-some per tee time is sent out. A riding cart is included (and required) to assure proper pace of play.
  • Tee times are spaced every 4 minutes.
  • Groups are explained before the round what is expected (to play in 2 hours or less) and given tips on playing faster.
  • Golfers use USGA Equitable Stroke guidelines for max score per hole which keeps pace of play moving.
  • Golfers prepay to a) reserve their spot; b) allow the event organizer to send out groups by skill levels (lower handicappers go out ahead of higher ones for pace of play purposes); and c) so golfers know exactly what they are signing up for.
  • 2-Hour Golf staff monitors pace of play to assure groups are keeping up with those ahead of them and having fun.


Upcoming 2-Hour Golf Rounds:

Saturday, May 20 @ Timber Creek GC (Watertown, MN). $39pp for golf & riding cart. CLICK HERE to register.

Having 4-5 hours to play golf is one of the biggest barriers for many people to play more often. Plus, many golfers would like to get in a full 18 holes on championship quality courses playing regular rules so they can post for a handicap. If a full 18-hole round of golf only took 2 to 2.5 hours it would allow more golfers to play more often.

Our  idea for addressing this issue:
Have courses set aside “2-Hour Round” windows of time where tee times are designated to only allow one 2-some per tee-time. We’ve tested this in Minnesota and 2-somes were sent out every 4 minutes and rounds can be completed in 2 to 2.5 hours without feeling “rushed” as long as each 2-some keeps up with the group in front of them. This works best for the first tee times of the day to prevent speedy 2-somes from catching groups in front of them.

This can also be done as a shotgun on regular days and makes a great twilight option for courses to get a bunch of players on the course (who often hang around afterwards and have dinner & drinks) as long as the course is clear in front of the 2-Hour twosomes.

This works as long as:
– Golfers are explained when booking tee time that these times are especially for 2-Hour Rounds so they are expecting the faster pace of play.
– 1 player assistant patrols the course to make sure groups are keeping up (or place a timer on the 10th hole – if a group is behind time they skip a hole to catch up).

Want more people golfing more often? Offer 2-Hour Rounds!


Does it Really Work? Yep.

4/26/14 Updated: We tested the 2-Hour Round idea for the first time on 4/26/14 at Deer Run GC in Victoria, MN with 12 golfers. Six 2-somes tee’d off using the first 30 minutes of tee times for the day. They were able to tee off every 4 minutes. The first group finished in 2 hours and 4 minutes and the last group finished in 2 hours and 22 minutes. Here’s what we learned:

– Golfers that shot in the 70’s finished right around 2:00.
– Golfers that shoot in the 80’s finished in 2:10-2:15.
– Golfers that shoot in the 90’s finished in 2:15-2:20.
– None of the golfers felt “rushed”.
– 75% of golfers said they would not have been able to play that day if it was a normal 4 hour round because of other commitments that day.
– 100% of golfers said they enjoyed it and would do it again if offered.
– Times when this would work for courses are either a) the 1st hour of tee times of the day or b) Twilight if the course blocks off the teesheet for 2 hours before the 1st 2-Hour round teetime.
– If interested in trying this idea at your course, please contact Kevin Unterreiner at info@twincitiesgolf.com

Pictures from the 1st “2-Hour Round” event on 4/26/14:



Pre-Round Instructions and Time Card for Participants:



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Press Release:

“2-Hour Round” Concept a Big Hit in It’s First Attempt at Helping More Golfers Play More Often

FOR RELEASE April 28, 2014
Media Contact: Kevin Unterreiner, info@twincitiesgolf.com

Imagine teeing off at 7:30AM on a Saturday morning at a public course, playing 18 holes as a two-some and being home before 10:00AM…just in time for your kids sporting activity or the Honey Do List. That is the goal of a new “2-Hour Round” concept that was tested for the first time on Saturday, April 26 at Deer Run Golf Club in Victoria, Minnesota.

12 golfers of varying skill played as 2-somes using riding carts and went out as the first 6 groups of the day. Here were the results:

– Two-somes were able to tee off every 4 minutes
– The golfers that normally shoot in the 70′s finished in 2:04 (two hours, four minutes).
– The golfers that normally shoot in the 80′s finished in 2:15-2:20.
– The golfers that normally shoot in the 90′s finished in 2:20-2:27.
– None of the golfers felt “rushed”.
– 75% of golfers said they would not have been able to play that day if it was a normal 4 hour round because of other commitments that day.
– 100% of golfers said they enjoyed it and would do it again if offered.
– View pics from the day at www.2HourGolf.com

Kevin Unterreiner, creator of the idea with feedback from PGA Professional Tom Abts, was thrilled with the response. “We sold out the available tee times quickly but the best part was hearing the positive feedback from the players, most of whom said they would not have been able to play that day if it was a normal 4+ hour round. We are going to test this at more courses but after the initial trial have hope this could be a concept that many courses around the country could try. What was interesting is that the same number of golfers can tee off per hour but that the length of the round is noticeably reduced when only 2-somes are playing. My observation from the day was that when groups play as foursomes, most of the time during the round is spent waiting on and watching the other players in the group. When they play as twosomes, the focus is on their game and the uninterrupted play leads to more enjoyment and better rounds. For courses, they do not have to sacrifice volume or rounds (or revenue) but can provide a unique golf experience that better fits into many active people’s lives.”

The 2-Hour Round idea, which was submitted to TaylorMade’s HackGolf.org open source idea initiative, also seems to have struck a positive chord. It’s quickly rose to top 10 status in the voting and is getting encouraging feedback (www.hackgolf.org/hackathons/golf/contribution/2-hour-round-how-speed-golf-get-more-people-playing-more-often).

When asked why he picked Deer Run to try this idea, Unterreiner said “Almost 20 years ago, Deer Run Golf Club led the charge against slow play instituting FastPlayFriday. The guaranteed 4 hour round put them on the map and was copied by other courses around the country. But for some some people, a 4 hour round isn’t fast enough so Deer Run GC seemed like the natural place to try it.”

Unterreiner finished by saying, “We hope to expand this concept nationwide by this fall and who knows, it might even help grow the game a little bit. One thing we all agreed upon that first day…it’s more fun to golf when you are not waiting on every shot and when the family is happy because you are home before noon.”