Save Chomonix customer feedback and survey

Thank you again for your support to keep Chomonix Golf Course open! The Anoka Park Board has voted to keep the course open for a minimum of an additional 3 years but WE NEED YOUR HELP to make the improvements to attract more rounds and revenue. We would love to hear your feedback on what improvements can be made at the course.

Everyone who completes this brief survey will be entered to win 3M OPEN PGA TOUR tickets (coming to MN in July). This SAVE CHOMONIX effort, survey and prize drawings conducted by

Due to the quick and great response (over 1,700 petitions collected in 3 days) to the "Save Chomonix" efforts, Anoka County has voted to continue course operations for a minimum of another 3 years (see below) but we still need your help and support to make the next 3 years success. TCG has been asked to meet with them to give ideas on how to improve marketing and profitability so we are doing a survey and gathering customer feedback to share with the board. If you would like to see the course succeed (and to see the extension update), please complete the 1 minute survey/ feedback above. We will be sharing with Anoka County the feedback as they develop their 3 year plan and keep everyone updated on the progress. 

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