Advertising Package – The Public Country Club &

Thank you for your interest in advertising your business.

1. Here is the normal cost of a Public Country Club membership:
$75 one-time joining (initiation) new member fee
$55/month (plus tax) member dues (for unlimited greens fees @ 90+ courses)

2. If you would prefer to do an Advertising Package (that includes a free PCC membership), the cost is $75 initial (for current month) and thereafter $75/month and includes:

a) Advertising plug on website (over 300,000 visits/ year). CLICK HERE to view sample ad blurbs
b) Promotion as a sponsor of the Twin Cities Golf Tour (50 events and 3,000 players per year).
c) Promotion of your product/ service to 50,000 TCG members and all Public Country Club members (3,000).
d) For golf-related products or services, promotion on TwinCitiesGolf social media (over 2 million impressions/ year from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).
e) Includes a membership into the Public Country Club (unlimited golf at 90+ courses).

As it is marketing, this is a legitimate and documentable advertising expense so you can write it off as a business expense AND you would receive the benefit of the golf membership.

3. If you would like to add any employees/clients as additional members, simply add $75/month to the fee per addition.  Each additional member would get their own PCC Member ID.

To purchase the ad package that includes
>>(1) ONE
PCC membership ($75/month)CLICK HERE.
>>(2) TWO PCC memberships($150/month), CLICK HERE.
>>(3) THREE PCC memberships ($225/month), CLICK HERE.
>>(4) FOUR PCC memberships($300/month), CLICK HERE.


Once your application is completed, send a 50-75 word advertising blurb and your logo to

Questions? Email