Meet the Monsta Golf Ball

Here at, we love testing new golf products. Hopelessly addicted to everything golf, we try anything new we can get our hands on…yes, even a titanium tee once that bent on the first swing and scratched our new driver.

Since 1997, Team TCG has seen thousands of “latest and greatest” golf items come and go so when a box of new Monsta golf balls arrived for testing we were skeptical but immediately attracted to the “green eye” of the Monsta logo.

If nothing else, we figured that the balls would be fun to look at while playing and why not join a growing nationwide trend of posting “Monsta Sighting” pics online via their social media channels which has quickly grown into thousands of followers on Facebook ( and Twitter (


On the first tee, just looking down at that green eye made us smile and kind of challenges you to hit a “Monsta” drive.

Then the first drive went long and straight. On a windy day, the ball held it’s line nicely settling just over 100 yards from the green on the opening par 4.

When the approach wedge shot hit the green, hopped, spun a little and stopped we smiled again – Monsta’s got game.

Good job Monsta – you were a bit longer off the tee, flew a similar distance off the iron as other balls we play (usually Titleist), and held the green.

We gotta admit that playing the ball made the round more fun and it did everything we expect in a ball…until the 18th hole – a 534 yard par 5. Motivated by the traditional TCG “longest drive” challenge for a drink at the 19th hole, I tee’d the ball up a little higher and channeled my inner Bubba (meaning I swung about 105 instead of 95 lol).

Then it happened.

The Monsta flew long and straight, jumped forward when it landed and came to rest 340 yards down the fairway. LONGEST DRIVE OF THE YEAR (100+ rounds). Now that’s fun. I’ve played that hole hundreds of times (#18 at Deer Run GC in Victoria, MN) and have NEVER been in that zip code.

Looking at the ball sitting next to my free drink on the patio after the round made me smile once again.

In review, the Monsta ball felt good off all clubs, performed consistently on distances with moderate spin into greens, and still looked brand new after the round. It also seems to go farther off the tee with higher swing speed (100 MPH+) compared to the Titleist, Taylormade or Callaway premium balls we also play. At $34.99/dozen, it’s a good value for a 3-piece performance ball too. At this time, the balls are only sold online directly via their website at  They also offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t love it but we think that golfers will try it because of the way it looks, but keep playing it because of the way it performs & the price.

We love supporting small start-up golf businesses and Monsta Golf has given us a reason to cheer (and smile).

Watch for more Monsta Sightings coming from Team TCG soon…

Kevin Unterreiner, Founder & Chief Golf Officer

For more info on Monsta Golf: (save $3 by using PROMO code TCGOLF to save $3 off the purchase of a dozen balls)