Payout Structure

Below is a breakdown of how the payout system works for events.

Note that since 2000, we have used a skewed (payout different placements) so that all players have a chance to win something every time they tee it up.

>>For examples, view actual event payouts from recent events, click here

Effective 2016: Each event will feature 2 optional prize pools: #1 Placement & On-Course Contests & #2 Skins. Each prize pool is $10 to enter.

History of How our Prize Payout System has Evolved (by Kevin Unterreiner, Founder)

When I founded and first started running events back in 1997, we were paying out the top 10 places.

What quickly happened was people stopped playing saying “We don’t have a chance to win anything as we are average golfers” and the SAME players won all the time. We tried handicapping but that only attracted sandbaggers and again more people stopped playing because “it wasn’t fair” and “we don’t have a chance to win”.

By 2000, we had settled into our current payout system of paying out random places…as outlined above.

Since then, we have run over 1,000 events with this format (locally and nationally as the Golf Galaxy Tour) and while I agree it’s a bummer when a team shoots better than another team and they get paid and you don’t, our payout system does give EVERY team a chance to win EVERY time they tee it up. Over the past 20+ years, I can honestly count on one hand the number of people who have complained about the way we do our current payouts and our player replay rate is very high. Most importantly, golfers have FUN in our events because the focus is on enjoying the round, the course, and the team they are playing with…not the prize pool.

For all TCG events, our entry fees are the SAME or LOWER than the courses actual green fee so we hope that golfers play to enjoy a fun round of golf with some friendly competition – and view it as a bonus if they end up winning some prize money. Because of this, we attract great quality players who are playing for the right reasons. You can also just relax and enjoy the round because you never know if you’ll end up in the middle of the pack and still win something.

As always, we love hearing feedback from players and take all comments to heart. We’ll continue to strive towards running events that are fun and that attract our target player – ones that are playing for FUN and to enjoy some friendly competition at great tracks.

See you on the tee!

Kevin Unterreiner