Local 9-Year Old Launches KickStarter for Golf Yardage Books

Local 9-year-old junior golfer Seth Damsgard just posted a very cool idea on Kickstarter for the month of June and is looking for your support.




He originally wanted to create yardage guides for when he plays in Junior PGA tournaments.  But when he started creating them, he quickly found out that a lot of other golfers at the course would be interested in having one too.  Sure, a lot of us have a rangefinder or GPS app these days, but they don’t always work out in every situation.  And there’s just something classic about whipping out a yardage book.

And then, since he can’t always remember all the rules, he’s adding an illustrated rules guide showing all your options in the most common situations.  I heard he’s even getting support from the author/illustrator behind “Golf Rules Made Easy” to make the illustrations even better.

So, Seth plans to put together a little business creating these yardage books for public courses who don’t have them.  Good yardage books.  Accurate yardage books.  The drawings are all high quality.  The yardages are measured to the hundredth of a yard.  And he’s already got a number of courses interested in jumping all over these.

He’s really going all-out on this, trying to provide the rest of us with a great new item that usually only the resorts and country clubs can afford to produce.

Make sure to check out his video at the top of the Kickstarter page.  It really gives you an idea of what kind of effort he’s putting in here.

And then give him a bit of your support, so he can make this a reality and learn about business and contributing to society early.  There’s even a chance you’ll be rewarded with him creating a book just for YOUR course.

And then tell all your friends.  There aren’t many golf-related projects on Kickstarter, but this is really a cool idea from a cool kid that we should get behind.

Check it out and pledge at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/golfbynumbers/golf-yardage-books-and-illustrated-rules-for-publi