Crowdsource Funding to Buy Trempealeau Mountain GC


help us save the trempealeau mountain golf course & become a part owner!

TwinCitiesGolf is helping raise money to purchase Trempeleau Mountain GC (Trempealeau, WI) and YOU can be a part of it.

Keep updated on the status or for more info hon how you can be a partial owner with annual profit sharing and lifetime golfing privileges.

To learn more and receive additional information regarding this opportunity, CLICK HERE and we will follow up with more information. Timing is urgent, though, the owner is looking to sell by October 1 to prevent closing the course.


TwinCitiesGolf has assembled a management team with over 50 years of combined experience in golf course ownership/operations/management & marketing. We specialize in profitability optimization and long term sustainability. Here's your opportunity to be a golf course shareholder & get great golfing privileges.

Plan A: Save the 18 hole course by raising $1.5M to purchase course & have 6 months of operating cash. Bring in an experienced owner/operations/management/marketing group like TwinCitiesGolf with a proven record of creating profitability. Most courses we have worked with in the past have become profitable even in the first year.
Plan B: If 18 hole course proves over time to be unable to cover operating costs, keep 9 holes + clubhouse + practice facility then develop 9 holes to raise operating capital.

Plan C: If 9 holes is unable to cover operating costs, develop remaining land & pay shareholders if value has increased.

Next step given the October 1st deadline? The preferred option (for legal structure reasons) is to have 30 or fewer investors raise the $1,500,000. Questions? Contact Kevin Unterreiner @

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Video of the Friday, September 20th Presentation at Tremp Mountain by Kevin Unterreiner from
(63 minutes)

Property Value Impact on Home Owners if Course Closes:

  • Estimated LOCAL decrease in property value of bordering homes if course closes: 20%-30% decrease ($80k-$120k for a $400k home)

  • Typical value drops 25%, but may go to 40-50%, when course closes (Source: Wall Street Journal 2019 Jan 10)

  • Potential of up to 50% in dropped home value if property borders the course. (Source: Forbes 2018 July 12)